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SmartTrackers streamlines your CO2 Performance Ladder certification process from level 1 until level 5 and helps you manage your sustainability. With SmartTrackers, you retain control over your process and always have insight into your data when needed.

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SmartTrackers Measurements

With SmartTrackers Measurements, you get:

… insight into your CO2 footprint
… clear goal-setting and best-case scenario lines
… always an up-to-date overview, directly downloadable and updatable when needed.

Measurements provides insights into all figures with graphs that can be customized in many ways. You set goals, outline scenarios, and make each graph applicable to your situation. Do you want to see the entire CO2 footprint or CO2 per FTE? It can be done in a jiffy.

For more questions, we are always available via our contact information, but we would just as gladly show it to you during a demo.

SmartTrackers Assessments

SmartTrackers Assessments helps you:

… determine what to report on
… gather evidence in one central location
… prepare for the audit

With SmartTrackers Assessments, you go through all the questions related to the CO2 Performance Ladder. The application automatically filters which questions are applicable to your situation and guides you through the certification process. Everything is stored in one place so that you, your colleagues, and the auditor never have to search.

For more questions, you can always contact us. We can assist you even better during a demo.

  • Hundreds of companies use SmartTrackers for the CO2 Performance Ladder
  • Over 25% of all certified companies use SmartTrackers
  • Level 3 or 5? 10 or 5.000 FTE? SmartTrackers is the right place for you

SmartTrackers: The most fit-for-purpose software for the CO2 Performance Ladder

Approach the requirements pragmatically

All data in one place. No e-mails being sent back and forth. No lost information. Instead, you follow a clear question- and answer game and have access to useful explanations.

On-demand figures with Measurements

Calculate your CO2 footprint, conduct savings analyses, and develop measures with SmartTrackers Measurements. Predict the impact of your measures in this way and continue to compare the same things with each other.

Create an engaged organization

You can easily ask colleagues to collaborate. This way, not one person bears all the responsibility anymore, but the organization works together to achieve goals.


Always work according to the requirements

With SmartTrackers Assessments, you go through an easy questionnaire. This ensures that you meet the requirements of the standard.

SmartTrackers and the CO2-Performance Ladder: manual 4.0

SmartTrackers and the CO2-Performance Ladder: manual 4.0

Manual 4.0 of the CO2-Performance Ladder is coming next year. SKAO published that they expect the new manual to be released around springtime, next year. Manual 4.0 will be even more directed at results, compared to the current manual 3.1. The most important subjects in the 4.0 version are ambition, scope 3 and monitoring.

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Visma Group connects dozens of companies onto SmartTrackers

Visma Group connects dozens of companies onto SmartTrackers

In a matter of only a few weeks, the sustainability team from Visma Group has onboarded tens of Visma companies onto the SmartTrackers software. With this, the Norwegian multinational is taking its next step to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals further into its business operations.

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Dutch government chooses SmartTrackers for the next 9 years

Dutch government chooses SmartTrackers for the next 9 years

The Dutch government is actively empowering a more social and sustainable society. In light of the Climate Goals, the government has committed itself to determine the carbon footprint of each Ministry and to actively manage reduction thereof. In doing so, the government considers both its collaboration with network partner as well as its own business operations.

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SmartTrackers helped us with a clear chain analysis, using concrete and practical examples. It was very clear.

J. van Huizen Groenvoorzieningen

At clients and fellow contractors, we witnessed that certification has a clear added value. In the future it is even possible that Groothuis would no longer be able to tender for an assignment if we would not have been certified. SmartTrackers turned out to e a user-friendly tool for our certification and gave is insight into our CO2-emisions very quickly.

Groothuis Bouwgroep

SmartTrackers gives us the figures and facts to back-up tangible scenario’s. This give us clear insights to make sensible decisions, and to make timely adjustments if necessary, and to allocate budgets to take measures. Furthermore, the efficient set-up gives us more speed and ease of work to realize our action plans


SmartTrackers helps the executive organization of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to determine our total CO2 footprint in an insightful and structured way. It is simpler and less prone to error than Excel, because it automatically applies the correct and up-to-date CO2 conversion factors. The flexible set-up also makes the system future-proof, should we want to expand our sustainability program.


The software overdelivers on our expectations. Usually this is the other way round, for most software products.