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SmartTrackers focuses on the things we are good at: delivering and continuously develop a powerful and mature IT platform for organizations to manage their sustainability objectives and decisively comply with relevant norms and standards. For other matters, we collaborate with partners. Would you like to join us?

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These parties can give additional guidance on any theme you need. They include data collection, implementation processes of measures, or change management in your organization.

Complementary software solutions

SmartTrackers is a management system that does not require fine-grained realtime information. Should you require such software, for instance on energy consumption or to monitor transport and mobility, we are happy to refer you further.

Knowledge partners

These parties help SmartTrackers to keep the standards in our libraries up to date. They also develop standards themselves and distribute them via the software.

Umbrella organizations

At times, we develop sector-specific programs in collaboration with umbrella organizations such as industry associations.

Resell and implementation partners

Several organizations are authorized to resell and implement the SmartTrackers software. They often do this as part of their own service portfolio.

Offsetting and carbon credits

We empower organizations to reduce emissions. Where this is not (yet) possible, organizations can opt for compensations or buying carbon credits. We are happy to refer you.

A selection of our partners

SmartTrackers is unique, accessible and innovative software that helps organizations to comply with various NEN standards, including ISO 27001. SmartTrackers guides our customers through the entire auditing process step-by-step, from inventory to external audit

NEN, the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute

You can work on scope 1 and 2 as an individual company. But the entire value chain must become sustainable. For scope 3, you need your fellow- companies to use the joint purchasing power to suppliers and shape a more sustainable value chain. Branch organizations have a responsibility in this, we are an accelerator. We hope that more industries will follow our lead.

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