SmartTrackers is a powerful instrument that empowers you to be in control over your sustainability programs. Nevertheless, you may appreciate some help getting started or taking the program to the next level. We are happy to help you.

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What support is available?

A flying start

We set-up the platform for you so that you can start right away. We follow your organizational structure, what domains and KPIs you want to manage and what methodology you prefer to use. We assist in importing or transferring existing files. During a start-session, we offer final instructions.

No long implementation trajectories apply!

Elaborate manual

The software contains an elaborate manual per topic. So you can always continue.

Accessible helpdesk

Still have a question? Our helpdesk is fully accessible to all our users. Our expert staff is ready to assist with your specific questions.

Meaningful workshops

We regularly offer workshops and webinars for both novice and advanced users. They can focus on the functionalities of the software, or about running sustainability programs. In short, something for everyone. There is always plenty of room for personal questions.

You can always proceed: SmartTrackers makes sure of that

Would you prefer more customized support? On how to collect the right information, how to implement measures or how to engage your colleagues in the change towards sustainability?

No problem: SmartTrackers is always there to help you further.

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