Sustainability challenges affect the entire industry

All organizations within your industry are dealing with the same developments and challenges in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. It is in the industry’s general interest to deal with these in the right way.

Empowering role of umbrella organizations

As an umbrella organization, you are positioned well to develop and spread a clear vision on sustainability.

In addition, you are an important facilitator for members to:

  • establish a structured, controlled and fact-based energy reduction policy
  • reduce emissions and costs
  • meet growing obligations from stakeholders and regulations

Moreover, the entire industry will innovate when people work together and learn from each other. This also positively influences the image of the industry in the eyes of clients and employees.

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Learn from peers

SmartTrackers gets organization to the heart of the matter faster. They quickly identify improvement areas and challenges. These are discussed in industry specific workshops, so that everyone can learn from peers and the sector as a whole will perform better.

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Industry specific programs

SmartTrackers is happy to collaborate with you on industry specific programs.

Our software determines the carbon footprint per organization and for the overall industry, helps to reduce emissions and improve impact, and to comply with standards. In addition, participants can benchmark with each other and drawing up annual reports is facilitated.

You can work on scope 1 and 2 as an individual company. But the entire value chain must become sustainable. For scope 3, you need your fellow- companies to use the joint purchasing power to suppliers and shape a more sustainable value chain. Branch organizations have a responsibility in this, we are an accelerator. We hope that more industries will follow our lead.


Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards

SmartTrackers is partner of Kartoflex, Aannemersfederatie Nederland, Gebouwschil Nederland, MBKBouw, MKB Infra, Vereniging Kalkzandsteen Lijmbedrijven, VENIN, Boorinfo, VSB Netwerk and Veras.

Use SmartTrackers for standards such as:

 CSRD   CO2-Performance Ladder   SDGs / ESG   EED 
 ISO 14001   ISO 27001   Safety Culture Ladder 


And more…

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