Effective compliance and certification

SmartTrackers is a pragmatic instrument to decisively comply with norms, standards and certifications. We offer one software platform in which you collaborate with your team and external auditors on establishing and maintaining your bookkeeping for sustainability and other quality assurance. Step by step.


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Why choose SmartTrackers for Assessment management?

Save lots of time

Stop emailing individual Word- and Excel files and choose a platform that eliminates error and misunderstanding. SmartTrackers contains everything your need for your compliance: Perform assessments, store evidence, engage in dialogues about norm requirements, log the dialogue, collaborate with colleagues, consultants, auditors and certifying bodies.

Overview and support

SmartTrackers gives clear and pragmatic directions about the standard. A step by step overview marks what has been done and what needs to be done, including extra clarification so that it is clear what is expected.

No more stress during audits

You establish and maintain a rock-solid workflow and administration. You reduce the chance of unexpected minors or majors during audits.

How does it work?

Watch the short film for an impression. Would you like to know what else the platform has to offer? For instance, how to effectively manage your sustainability KPIs?

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The software is simple to navigate and produces clear reports. Our certifying authority is also happy to work with it. Our auditor has a guest account, so we can collaborate easily. No more searching through all kinds of files and papers.

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