Pale blue dot

Space probe Voyager 1 already saw it in 1990: We live on a ‘pale blue dot’, floating in the big black nothing. So we better take good care of each other and the planet, because there is no habitable alternative.

The call from customers, investors, employees and regulations is becoming louder:

How does your organization take responsibility for keeping our blue dot livable?



Leo Smit: Founder with a mission

“Without professional management software, corporate responsibility remains wishful thinking and, at the very least, ineffective.”

In 2010, Leo Smit founded SmartTrackers, so that organizations have the right equipment to focus on their sustainability goals.

In addition to being the founder and CEO of SmartTrackers, Leo is an energy expert, lecturer in energy management, a frequently requested speaker and has guided hundreds of companies in becoming certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder.




Do what makes sense, not what is trendy

SmartTrackers stands for a down-to-earth and realistic view on social themes. Averse to hypes, fallacies and utopian assumptions.

We believe that decisions should always be based on facts and figures. We have a pragmatic view on the challenges facing Europe. In our opinion, it is possible to deal with them, as long as we really dare to choose.



Take first steps and grow further

It can be paralyzing if you want to be complete in your data collection and reduction measures from the get go. SmartTrackers is a strong advocate of starting with the obvious and growing as you go.



Don’t do it yourself when software can do it better

SmartTrackers was founded because we wanted to make life easier for entrepreneurs. And that has always been our motivation. Processes that can be automated, will be automated. Since 2010 we have been working daily to make our platform more complete, faster and more user-friendly. All our efforts – and all our developed features – are completely focused on that one goal.

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