SmartTrackers: Software that has considered everything

SmartTrackers is the most versatile software application for sustainability and social responsibility. You will find everything you need to calculate your impact, to manage KPIs and to be compliant with norms, standards and regulations. All in one digital platform.

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SmartTrackers platform

SmartTrackers makes sustainability practical

Supports the entire Plan Do Check Act Cycle

Adaptable to your organizational structure with consolidations at any desired level

Adaptable to standards and methodologies that are relevant to you, also if you have created one yourself

Suitable for complex calculations, even when your organization or methodologies change over time


Follow the organizational structure

  • Suitable for both flat and layered organizational structures
  • Measure and manage per department, project, customer group or product
  • Automatically consolidate at the desired level
  • Determine the cross-analyses for reports yourself
  • Create new organizational entities in case of growth, acquisitions or new projects
  • Move entities within the organizational structure, in events like mergers or divestments
  • Automatically recalculate at entity and central level, while ensuring reliable trend analyses over time
  • Allocate rights and roles per entity

Determine your own KPIs and how you measure them

  • Select from our extended template library, or create your own
  • Choose your gauges and indicators
  • Choose the desired measurement intervals, like yearly, quarterly or monthly
  • Determine your preferred units, such as liters or kilometers
  • Add gauges or KPIs at any preferred time when your sustainability program matures
  • Compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CSRD

All topics on sustainability and social responsibility in one system

  • Tap from our extensive library to measure, improve and monitor everything on sustainability and social responsibility
  • Calculate scores on e.g. human rights, gender equality and labor conditions in your organizations and those of your suppliers
  • Add customized topics
  • Extremely suitable for CSRD, SDGs and ESG reporting

Set goals, forecast effects of measures and monitor progress

  • See at a glance what you have achieved, what you will achieve, what your goals are and if you are on track
  • Easily identify your improvement potential
  • Determine measures and actions to realize progress
  • Make targets measurable and break them down per division, year, project or another useful unit
  • Calculate predicted effects and return on investments to support sensible decision-making
  • Build scenarios that practically support decision-making
  • Plan actions ahead in time to logically follow your organizational development
  • Extremely suitable for CO2-budgets and CO2-project plans

Embed your sustainability program in the organization

  • Support the workflow and the validation process: capture data, check, release and approve
  • Collaborate with colleagues or external parties and have in-system dialogues
  • Add evidence to make data entry verifiable and auditable

Eliminate error, even when things change

  • Clear insight into emissions per scope, activity, department, country, square meter, FTE, turnover or other desired distribution
  • Automatic conversion to CO2, regardless of the emission factors that apply to your situation
  • Run graphs and charts at any desired level, with your preferred cross-analyses
  • Reliable recalculations and consolidations over time when your organization or emission factors change
  • Transparency about how the calculations are performed, for auditability
  • The flexibility of Excel, but the reliability and robustness of a professional accounting software

Create and customize reports for in- and external stakeholders

  • Includes standard reporting templates that you can customize however you want
  • Use the reports, graphs and tables for internal and external accountability, for example annual reports

Overview and time savings in compliance and certifications

  • Easily familiarize yourself with the standard: follow all requirements step by step
  • Clear overview what actions have already been done and what still needs to be done
  • Stop sharing individual Word and Excel files with risk of errors, loss and misunderstandings
  • Build a rock-solid administration with all documents in one digital platform
  • Easily store evidence and labels for traceability and auditing
  • Engage in dialogues with colleagues and auditors about deviations and corrections via a practical question-answer workflow that is automatically logged
  • Fully automated calculation of scores

Collaborate in the supply chain

  • Ask your business partners about their sustainability policy or other impact
  • Score or rate each answer
  • Publish the scores in a dashboard
  • Easily compare suppliers or monitor progress over time
  • Engage in constructive dialogues with your partners to make progress together

Is there still anything missing? Ask us! Due to our extensive configuration options, there is a good chance we can still be of service to you

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