Actively manage sustainability and social responsibility

SmartTrackers software is a professional instrument to actively manage your indicators on sustainability and social responsibility. You clearly see what measures really make a difference. Helpful, if you want to become CO2-neutral, for example.

SmartTrackers supports the full Plan Do Check Act Cycle.

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Why choose SmartTrackers for your sustainability program?

It’s a real management system

You receive actionable insights into your impact, targets, measures, forecasts, return on investments, results and mandatory disclosure requirements.

Reliable calculations amidst a dynamic reality

Data can be captured at any organizational level and is automatically consolidated. Even when your organizational structure or emission factors change over time.

Meaningful input for solid decision-making

Timely overviews of the predicted effects of measures and scenario’s against the required investments for them, empowers meaningful decision-making. This prevents surprises and gives comfort that your goals will be realized.

How does it work?

Watch this short film for an impression. Would you like to know what else the software has to offer? For instance, how you effectively comply with standards, norms and regulations?

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SmartTrackers gives us the figures and facts to back-up tangible scenario’s. This give us clear insights to make sensible decisions, and to make timely adjustments if necessary, and to allocate budgets to take measures. Furthermore, the efficient set-up gives us more speed and ease of work to realize our action plans