Sustainability in SMEs

How sustainable is your business? Your customers, investors and employees increasingly demand accountability. In addition, regulations are becoming stricter. Amidst rapid developments, it’s sometimes challenging to keep track of all requirements, and how you comply with limited manpower. After all, your companies’ core activities have to continue too.

SmartTrackers gives clear overviews on sustainability

SmartTrackers gives you control over your sustainability programs and compliance processes in a way that suits your business operations.

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Everything you need in one software platform

SmartTrackers determines your footprint, helps to actionably improve your impact and provides clarity on compliance with norms and standards. Also, a reduction in energy consumption often also means a reduction in costs.

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Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards

SmartTrackers is a market leader in the CO2 Performance Ladder.

The SmartTrackers library includes:

 CO2 Performance Ladder   CSR Performance Ladder   SDGs/ESG   ISO 14001   ISO 9001   ISO 27001   Safety Culture Ladder 

With SmartTrackers, the audit ran like clockwork and we were able to focus on the really important aspects of the CO2 Performance Ladder.