Verifiable sustainability reporting

Financial authorities and regulations require investment companies and funds to disclose their sustainability and social responsibility. The requirements are becoming stricter every year.

Getting the appropriate numbers on the table in a way that can be independently verified can be difficult, especially if your portfolio is continuously changing or if you operate in numerous countries where local laws and regulations apply.

In addition, it will soon no longer be enough to measure a static footprint.

Let SmartTrackers perform the calculations

What measures are you taking to reduce emissions and improve social impact? What are the predicted effects and realized results? What is the progress of your overall portfolio and of each individual business? And what is your sustainability impact in the value chain?

SmartTrackers gives you reliable information

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Your entire ESG policy in one platform

SmartTrackers determines your current impact, supports action-oriented reduction or improvement on sustainability indicators and facilitates compliance with financial disclosures, regulations and standards.

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The most comprehensive software for you and your portfolio

Based on your portfolio structure

We set-up the platform according to the structure of your investment portfolio, so that you maintain insight into the overall performance and the performance of individual companies. You also have the correct information for required (annual) reports.

Promotes collaboration

Through the implementation of fine-grained rights and roles, portfolio companies have access to the components that apply to them, empowering effective collaboration. Furthermore, via SmartTrackers, you can easily request suppliers to provide their impact data in the system.

Does anything change?

Does the composition of your portfolio change or do different emission factors apply per country of operations? No problem. SmartTrackers corrects for this, also over time, so that you can continue to reliably monitor progress over time.


We support you with the set-up of the software that fits your organization and sustainability program. If desired, we facilitate data validation, the implementation of sustainability measures or other consultancy. We do this ourselves, or with specialized partners.

Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards
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