Emission-free construction

As a construction company, you increasingly have to demonstrate what your (expected) CO2 emissions are and how you will reduce them.

Without such information and plans, participating in tenders is more difficult or will limit the number of points you can earn in them. These criteria trickle down from the main contractors to subcontractors. Moreover, saving energy also means saving costs.

SmartTrackers has a strong track record in the construction industry

SmartTrackers is strongly represented in construction and infrastructure. SmartTrackers provides insight into the emissions of your organization or (new) construction projects with the aim of reducing those emissions and energy consumption. The software also supports CO2 project plans.

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Shape your sustainability program with SmartTrackers

SmartTrackers calculates your (expected) footprint, helps to determine goals, define actions, forecast effects and monitor progress. In addition, SmartTrackers supports the workflow and file creation to comply with required certifications, such as the CO2-Performance Ladder. In this way, you decisively comply with tendering and procurement criteria on sustainability.

Thanks to the extensive reporting options,  we can produce reports quickly. We no longer have to calculate everything in Excel or create graphs manually. As a result, our administration takes less time and we can focus on actual savings.

GSB – Gelders Staalstraal- en Schildersbedrijf

Use SmartTrackers for all relevant standards

SmartTrackers is the market leading software for the CO2-Performance Ladder.

 CO2-Performance Ladder   CSRD   BREEAM   EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) 
 Safety Culture Ladder   ISO 14001   ISO 9001   ISO 27001 

And more…

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