Consultancy is your added value, not fact-finding

Your clients come to you for assistance after being questioned by their stakeholders about how they handle sustainability and social responsibility.

They ask for your advice on what sustainability measures would work best for them. Or how to implement measures, how to change employee behavior or how to become certified for a standard.

You are pleased to provide that assistance, but it takes a lot of effort to find the appropriate data to establish the starting point, whilst your added value mainly lies in consultancy that follows from it.

Get to the core of the issue faster with SmartTrackers.

Get to the heart of the matter with SmartTrackers

SmartTrackers quickly gets you to the heart of the matter. This empowers you to guide organizations towards the desired transformation in sustainability more effectively.

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Reserve time for meaningful consultancy and guidance

With SmartTrackers, your clients capture and maintain information in less time. This frees up more time for in-depth conversations and practical improvements that are backed by clear and well delivered facts and figures.

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Pragmatic software that increases the value of your service

Keep a complete and accurate overview of your customer’s progress

Anticipate challenges and make timely adjustments

Act as a reliable long-term partner rather than an ad-hoc problem solver

Offer your customers a continuous service model

Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards:

 CSRD   CO2-Performance Ladder   Safety Culture Ladder   ISO 27001