Greenhouse Gas Protocol as the most common methodology

The international Greenhous Gas Protocol (GHG) is the most common methodology for measuring and reducing emissions. It forms the basis for many standards, including the European CSRD and the CO2 Performance Ladder.

SmartTrackers brings the essence of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to life

Convert everything to CO2

SmartTrackers converts your gas consumption, electricity consumption, driven kilometers and all relevant parameters from scope 1, 2 and 3 into CO2 or CO2 equivalents according following the latest and correct emission factors.

Manage for progress

Gain clear insight into your footprint, set concrete goals, calculate the effect of emission mitigating measures and monitor your progress.

Suitable for a dynamic reality

Does something change over time or do you work with different conversion factors at the same time because you operate in several countries? SmartTrackers calculates everything correctly.

The scopes of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

GHG-P divides greenhouse gas emissions into three categories in the value chain:

Scope 1: all emissions that are directly caused by your organization, like by burning gas or consuming diesel.
Scope 2: all emissions that your organization causes by using energy generated elsewhere, for example in a power station.
Scope 3: all other indirect emissions in the value chain, for example from waste or suppliers.

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SmartTrackers helped us with a clear chain analysis, using concrete and practical examples. It was very clear.

J. van Huizen Groenvoorzieningen