Pragmatically comply with standards and obligations

SmartTrackers is an excellent instrument to quickly and effectively comply with many standards. Whether it concerns disclosure standards, energy savings, occupational safety, sustainable procurement or CO2.

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SmartTrackers supports a wide range of norms and initiatives

Next to the most frequently demanded standards, you will find a list of other standards that SmartTrackers can support you with.

EED (Energy Efficiency Directive)

According to this EU directive, large companies must carry out and report on an EED audit every 4 years. When you comply with the CO2 Performance Ladder, you also comply with the EED obligation.


GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

A worldwide unambiguous way to communicate about the sustainability impact of organizations. Part of the GRI will be included into the CSRD.


International Sustainability Standards

Standards by which companies inform investors and other participants in the capital markets about their sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

MVO performance ladder

This is a widely used certification standard for corporate social responsibility, intended to make sustainable business concrete and objectively demonstrable .The standard has been internationally recognized since 2015 and fits in well with the CO2 Performance Ladder.

Safety Culture Ladder

This is an instrument to increase safety awareness within companies with the following objectives: fewer unsafe situations, fewer incidents and less damage and absenteeism.


Do you have your own standard?

Is the standard of your choice not listed here? Or do you have a standard yourself? Our platform is very flexible, so chances are we can still be of service to you.

A highly intuitive and user-friendly system, with a wide range of output options.

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