Public sector: role models and sustainable procurement

As a representative in the public sector, you play a key role in promoting sustainability and social responsibility. For example, by:

  • Integrating sustainability in your own operations
  • Include sustainability in procurement and tender criteria

All ministries in the Dutch government have committed themselves to CO2-reduction and certification on the CO2-Performance Ladder.

Furthermore, the Dutch government uses the CO2-Performance Ladder as an award criterion in tenders.

Governments use SmartTrackers

The Dutch government and various municipalities and water authorities use SmartTrackers for sustainable procurement, to comply with and certify on the CO2-Performance Ladder and to demonstrably perform better in sustainability and social responsibility.

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SmartTrackers empowers sustainability at its core

You won’t get lost in standards and regulations thanks to automated calculations and reporting templates. Create your carbon footprint, analyze reduction opportunities and make meaningful decisions that positively impact society.

Additionally, sustainable procurement and collaboration with suppliers is simplified.

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SmartTrackers helps the executive organization of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to determine our total CO2 footprint in an insightful and structured way. It is simpler and less prone to error than Excel, because it automatically applies the correct and up-to-date CO2 conversion factors. The flexible set-up also makes the system future-proof, should we want to expand our sustainability program.


Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards

Use SmartTrackers for standards such as:

 CO2-Performance Ladder   SDGs / ESG   CSRD 


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