Corporate social responsibility as a business opportunity

Internal and external stakeholders increasingly demand to demonstrate that you operate sustainably and responsibly. At company level, but also per subsidiary or sometimes per department. Not always an easy task, especially if you are an internationally active company with local particularities.

Future-proof companies do not see this as a burden, but as an opportunity to play a visible role in the transition to the new economy. They innovate and develop new business models accordingly.

SmartTrackers gives control

With SmartTrackers, you keep control over your sustainability program and certification processes, in a way that suits your business.

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SmartTrackers is comprehensive

SmartTrackers calculates your impact, supports improvement programs and offers everything you need to comply with laws and regulations.

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SmartTrackers adapts to your business needs

Meaningful decision making

Extensive management information that gives a clear understanding of business cases and potential emission savings

Efficient external accountability

Access to a plethora of graphs and reporting templates, while simultaneously building complete and auditable documentation

Manage at the right level

Capture data and manage information at the right level, while SmartTrackers reliably consolidates all calculations centrally

No problem if something changes

Does the composition of your company change? Do other emission factors apply in one of your subsidiaries? No problem. SmartTrackers corrects for this

Use SmartTrackers for relevant standards

The SmartTrackers library:

 CO2-Performance Ladder   CSRD    SDGs / ESG   EED (Energy Efficiency Directive)   ISO 9001   ISO 14001   ISO27001 

SmartTrackers gave us information to make sensible progress in sustainability. For example, SmartTrackers made us realize that one roll of gift wrap causes up to three times its weight in CO2 emissions. We have now patented a foilless gift wrap roll. Lower cost price, lower energy consumption and less waste: sustainability makes us more competitive.

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