CO2-footprint as a starting point for improvement

SmartTrackers clearly and reliably maps your ecological footprint. This is an excellent starting point to identify potential improvement areas and to move your sustainability program forward.


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Management to determine our total CO2 footprint in an insightful and structured way. It is simpler and less prone to error than Excel, because it automatically applies the correct and up-to-date CO2 conversion factors. The flexible set-up also makes the system future-proof, should we want to expand our sustainability program.


Why choose SmartTrackers to calculate your CO2-emission?

Flexible data capturing

Capture data in a way that fits your organization. Determine your frequency, units and organizational level. SmartTrackers calculates it for you.


Reliable calculations

Automatic calculations to CO2, no matter what emission factors apply to your situation. Do you operate internationally, with multiple emission factors at the same time? Or does your organizational structure change? No problem. SmartTrackers calculates it for you.

A CO2-monitor that helps you progress

You receive a clear insight in your emissions per scope, activity, department, country, square meter, FTE, revenue or any other unit of analysis you prefer.

Improvement is the logical next step

When you know your footprint, it is a logical next step to determine reduction targets and manage your goals continuously.


Actively manage improvement

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