SmartTrackers and the CO2-Performance Ladder: manual 4.0

SKAO is going to publish a new manual for the CO2-Performance Ladder coming spring 2024. Manual 4.0 will be even more directed at results, compared to the current manual 3.1. The most important subjects in the 4.0 version are ambition, scope 3 and monitoring.

Version 4.0 also takes non-greenhouse gases into account, for instance. This  will be mandatory for calculating the footprint and no longer optional. There is more connection to other initiatives, like the Paris agreement. SKAO does not just want to move along with its time, it wants to be innovative. Companies should strive for 0 emission in 2050 – but preferably earlier- with the new climate transition plan included in manual 4.0. With this clear plan the text will be suitable for the external audit. For more information about the manual you can read this article:

With SmartTrackers you always follow the latest CO2-Ladder requirements

For SmartTrackers this means that we have to update our applications as soon as SKAO publishes manual 4.0. We will keep using manual 3.1 to certify until then. That a new manual is coming, does not mean that certifying now is useless. On the contrary: it is better to start now, than wait.

How will SmartTrackers support its users?

SmartTrackers helps users to certify for the CO2-Performance Ladder. With our software you steer for real results and meeting your targets. The tools help predict the future, which helps monitor whether or not you’re on the right track. And this is one of the things that will be even more important in manual 4.0. For scope 3, SmartTrackers helps you by providing surveys in the Assessments tool to question your suppliers. You can then stir up conversations with them on how to improve together. You can also use this information in the calculations of your supply chain. If you book a demo, we can show you exactly how this works.

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