CO2 Performance Ladder as sustainability instrument

The CO2 Performance ladder is used widely as an award instrument in tenders with the aim of:

  • Make emissions transparent
  • Provide clarity on the policies to reduce emissions
  • To motivate organizations to participate in initiatives to reduce emissions throughout the entire value chain

SmartTrackers: The most fit-for-purpose software for the CO2 Performance Ladder

Approach the requirements pragmatically

Due to automatic calculations, reporting templates and a practical question-and-answer functionality, you won’t get lost in the handbook and external accountability is a piece of cake.

Know where you stand and where you are going

Draw up a carbon footprint, analyze the best improvement opportunities and make informed decisions about what actions to take.

Automatically comply with the requirement to participate in initiatives

SmartTrackers has founded the Club of 49. Members automatically participate in an initiative to reduce CO2 in the sector or beyond (requirement 3D).


Hundreds of companies already comply via SmartTrackers

Our software has supported hundreds of companies in attaining their CO2 Performance Ladder certificate. Whether you want to achieve level 3 or 5, and whether you have 1 or 5000 FTE. You are in good company.

At clients and fellow contractors, we witnessed that certification has a clear added value. In the future it is even possible that Groothuis would no longer be able to tender for an assignment if we would not have been certified. SmartTrackers turned out to e a user-friendly tool for our certification and gave is insight into our CO2-emisions very quickly.

Groothuis Bouwgroep

More about the CO2 Performance Ladder

Over 150 procurers (including the Dutch government, ProRail and an increasing number of international organizations), use the CO2 Performance Ladder as an award criteria in tenders.

So you have a better chance of winning a tender for these procurers when you are certified on the Ladder. Moreover, this sustainability procurement tool is increasingly trickling down from main contractors to their subcontractors, resulting in more and more companies becoming certified.


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