SmartTrackers makes the CO2 Performance Ladder practical

A CO2 Performance Ladder certificate means: Better opportunity to be awarded big assignments, reduced company risk.

SmartTrackers makes it practical:

  • Follow the process step by step and be in control along the way
  • Know where you stand and where you are going
  • Create complete reports and become certified without headaches

Show me how SmartTrackers works

  • Hundreds of companies use SmartTrackers for the CO2 Performance Ladder
  • Over 25% of all certified companies use SmartTrackers
  • Level 3 or 5? 10 or 5.000 FTE? SmartTrackers is the right place for you

At clients and fellow contractors, we witnessed that certification has a clear added value. In the future it is even possible that Groothuis would no longer be able to tender for an assignment if we would not have been certified. SmartTrackers turned out to e a user-friendly tool for our certification and gave is insight into our CO2-emisions very quickly.

Groothuis Bouwgroep

SmartTrackers gives us the figures and facts to back-up tangible scenario’s. This give us clear insights to make sensible decisions, and to make timely adjustments if necessary, and to allocate budgets to take measures. Furthermore, the efficient set-up gives us more speed and ease of work to realize our action plans


SmartTrackers helped us with a clear chain analysis, using concrete and practical examples. It was very clear.

J. van Huizen Groenvoorzieningen

Management to determine our total CO2 footprint in an insightful and structured way. It is simpler and less prone to error than Excel, because it automatically applies the correct and up-to-date CO2 conversion factors. The flexible set-up also makes the system future-proof, should we want to expand our sustainability program.


The software overdelivers on our expectations. Usually this is the other way round, for most software products.


SmartTrackers: The most fit-for-purpose software for the CO2 Performance Ladder

Approach the requirements pragmatically

All data in one place. No e-mails being sent back and forth. No lost information. Instead, you follow a clear question- and answer game and have access to useful explanations.

Know where you stand and where you are going

Draw up a carbon footprint, analyze the best improvement opportunities, predict effects and make informed decisions about what actions to take.

External reporting and disclosures made easy

Thanks to automatic calculations, template reports and elaborations.


Be exempted from EED

If you join us, you will be exempt from the European energy directive EED. (Dependent on your location).