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We will be happy to show you more during a free demonstration

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About SmartTrackers

“Manage your sustainability program online with SmartTrackers; the innovative easy to use application”

SmartTrackers is an innovative online application which helps you achieve your sustainability goals with less effort, so you can focus on optimizing your business. It is easy to use and you can start straight away. You will achieve cost savings immediately.

Businesses are confronted with many rules and regulations concerning transparency regarding sustainability. This is often a cumbersome administrative exercise. Complicated calculations and analysis in error prone spreadsheets make sustainability more complicated than needed. That is why, together with our customers, we developed a bespoke application that simplifies this matter.

Als ondernemer heeft u te maken met veel regelgeving omtrent milieu en het zichtbaar maken van de bedrijfsprestaties op het gebied van duurzaamheid. Dat brengt veel administratief werk met zich mee. SmartTrackers is een innovatieve online applicatie die direct inzetbaar is om uw duurzaamheidsbeleid vorm te geven. Met onze applicatie haalt u eerder uw doelstellingen en kunt u zich focussen op uw eigen bedrijfsvoering. U bespaart direct kosten.

With SmartTrackers you can measure and manage the sustainability of you company. It is easy to use and visualises in and output in clear down drill-able graphs. It can be used for various methodologies which are pre-configured. To help you with continuous improvement you can compare the results of different business units and share best practices with others.

SmartTrackers helps you manage results and achieve your business goals.

Met SmartTrackers meet en managed u het totale duurzaamheidsbeleid van uw bedrijf. Het is gemakkelijk in gebruik en visualiseert in- en output in grafieken. Naar de achterliggende informatie kan direct worden doorgeklikt. U maakt een rapportage met slechts één druk op de knop. SmartTrackers kan gebruikt worden voor verschillende methodieken.


Company structure

  • Flexible layered company structure
  • Move divisions or business units in the existing company structure
  • Automated recalculation and consolidation of data
  • Possibility to configure measurement periods per business unit
  • Allocation of user rights and permissions per business unit

Bedrijfs structuur

  • Flexibele gelaagde bedrijfsstructuur opzetten
  • Verplaatsen van organisaties in de bedrijfsstructuur
  • Per bedrijfsonderdeel automatisch herberekenen en consolidatie van gegevens
  • Per bedrijfsonderdeel meetperiode flexibel in te richten
  • Per bedrijfsonderdeel permissies toekennen

Measurement of results

  • Ready to use configuration of numerous standards and methodologies
  • Pre-defined gauges and indicators for each methodology
  • Various measuring intervals for each norm or theme
  • Ability to add proof of performance
  • Adding labels is possible


  • Built in standard norms for each methodology
  • Easy to use assessment summary and overview
  • Scores allocated for each assessment norm and requirement
  • Ability to add proof of performance
  • Communication possible with auditor
  • Ability to add abnormalities and corrective measures

Sustainable procurement

  • Assessment of sustainability within the supply chain
  • ISO26000 and GRI compliant
  • Scores per question/requirement
  • Scores published on a dashboard
  • Easy to compare scores between suppliers

Document management

  • Incorporated document management system
  • Ability to add documents and links in every part of the framework
  • Easy and clear overview of all documents and links
  • Quick filter, search and select function for documents and links

Improvement program

  • Add initiatives and corrective measures
  • Plan improvements and corrective measures in time
  • Add different goals on all company levels
  • All improvements and measures visualised in graphs

Verbeter programma

  • Maatregelen acties en initiatieven toevoegen
  • Plannen van de verbeteringen in de tijd
  • Doelstellingen op elk niveau aanmaken
  • Alle verbetering in grafieken weergegeven

Graphs and reporting

  • Analyse graphs on every level
  • Various cross-sections
  • Flexible reporting possibilities
  • Standard format reporting possibilities built in
  • Create your own indicators and calculations
  • View, analyse, slice and dice calculations in interactive graphs

Sustainable Procurement

We are proud to introduce our new sustainable procurement tool, a co-development with MVO Nederland*, the Dutch Maritime sector and SmartTrackers. The tool measures the sustainability of suppliers in the supply chain and enables users to share results through a transparent and easy to use dashboard. The methodology is based on international standards. It is ISO 26000 and 20400 compliant and also applicable to other sectors.
*MVO Nederland is an independent expertise and network organisation on Corporate Social Responsibility founded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.



SmartTrackers offers many different methodologies and frameworks in one application; CO₂-Prestatieladder (CO₂ Performance ladder), EED, GRI, MVO Prestatieladder (CSR Performance Ladder), ISO 14001 and others. All methodologies are ready to use and frequently used indicators are available in an extensive library. New indicators can be added easily.


The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is at the core of our application. Therefor the application goes beyond measuring and reporting.  Managing, assessing and complying with standards and regulations is easy. Reporting and adding proof makes compliance and certification efficient.


Energy, CO₂

CO₂ Management is the basis for all sustainability methods aiming for reducing CO₂ emissions. Whether it’s the CO₂ Performance Ladder, Lean and Green or the EED; you can capture the data ín the Smart Trackers application and afterwards determine how to report to internal and external stakeholders.


The CO₂-Prestatieladder (CO₂ Performance ladder) is an instrument developed by Prorail/SKAO. The tool helps companies reduce their CO₂ output. Company processes and projects (throughout the chain) have much to gain in terms of energy savings, the efficient use of materials and sustainable energy.

For more information about the CO₂ performance ladder see: SKAO – CO2 Performance ladder

EED is the European Energy Efficiency Directive. The 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive establishes a set of binding measures to help the EU reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020. It contains obligations for both EU countries and companies. Large companies in the Netherlands are obliged to carry out an energy audit.

For more information about the EED see: EED

Lean and Green is Europe’s leading program for sustainable logistics. It is a stimulus program for sustainable mobility. The program encourages businesses to become more sustainable by taking measures that not only cut their costs, but also reduce their environmental impact at the same time.

For more information about Lean and Green see: Lean and Green

Corporate Social Responsability

If you do not want to decide to commit to a standard you can use SmartTrackers to measure and steer independent of a methodology. In the reporting process you can create the reports needed for the methodology chosen (eg GRI, ISO 2600 or CSR Performance Ladder).

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international organization that sets guidelines for sustainability reporting. The mission of GRI is to make sustainability reporting for all organizations – regardless of size, sector or location – as routine and comparable as financial reporting.

For more information about GRI zie: GRI

ISO 26000 is an international directive for implementing CSR in an organization. ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. ISO 26000 provides guidance rather than requirements it is not a certification.

For more information about ISO 26000 see: ISO 26000

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility (MVO in Dutch) is the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour. The CSR Performance Ladder (MVO Prestatielader) is a Management System and certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. The certificate makes your sustainable development tangible and objectively verifiable.

For more information about the CSR Performance ladder see: CSR Performance Ladder


Safety is a sustainability theme that needs continual attention and is always on the agenda of an organisation. Although all sustainability themes need attention to ensure commitment the safety culture is the most important to safeguard within an organisation and needs special attention. Whether it’s SSC or the Safety Culture Ladder; use SmartTrackers to implement, manage and improve this culture.

The Safety Culture Ladder encourages safety awareness and conscious safe behaviour. The goal is to reduce the number of unsafe situations with fewer incidents (absenteeism, damage) as a result. The Safety Culture Ladder provides frameworks to create safe work environments for companies in various sectors.

For more information about the Safety Culture Ladder (Veiligheidsladder) see: Safety Culture Ladder

SCC is the abbreviation for Safety Health and the Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors and is intended to make it possible for your company to operate with greater safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents. It is a versatile and comprehensive program for testing and certifying the SHE management systems of service companies. Principals increasingly impose SCC certification as a mandatory requirement.

For more information about SSC ( in Dutch VCA) see: SSC

Environmental management

New sustainability standards are replacing the current ISO 14001 standard for environmental policy. Move from the static approach of ISO 14001 towards managing tangible improvement using SmartTrackers.

Sustainable building

Sustainability  in construction is visible in the delivered product. How do you prove the usefulness of sustainable construction techniques and materials and the interaction with the supplying and building parties? SmartTrackers offers you  the opportunity to capture this dynamic.

ISO 14000 is an internationally excepted family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. With a management system based on ISO 14001 an organisation can steer, manage and continually improve their environmental risk management.

For more information about ISO 14001 see: ISO 14001

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It addresses a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use. The focus on sustainable value and efficiency makes BREEAM certified developments attractive property investments and generates sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them.

For more information about BREEAM see: BREEAM

See what Smart Trackers looks like

co2 management systeem

Our customers


CO₂ Management (SmartTrackers) is the right management application for CO₂. It provides direct insight into all figures and results. The management behind is really good!

The guidance is really good. Short lines, quick response.

Arie Nieuwenhuis

CO₂ Administratie, Van Huizen Groenvoorzieningen b.v

The application provides structure and helps us calculate the different components of the CO₂ Performance Ladder.

Linda Hof-Hakze

Adviseur , Antea Group

Thanks to CO₂ Management (SmartTrackers), we spend less time keeping our records for the CO₂ Performance Ladder up to date. This enables us to focus on real savings.

Mike van Schenkhof

Projectleider, Gelders Staalstraal- en schildersbedrijf B.V. (GSB)

I am extremely pleased with this system and have not found any better application on the market yet.!

Frits Wuts

QA officer / CSR manager, ICT

“CO₂ Management has played an important role in achieving level 5. Harm Langen guided us through the process very well and has a high level of knowledge regarding this subject matter.”

Eva De Decker

Environmental Coordinator, ABB Benelux

Smart Trackers is highly intuitive and gives you various output options.

Peter van Leent

Adviseur, KAM Visser & Smit Hanab bv

With Smart Trackers you are always up to date. Good value for money and suitable for decentralized organizations. The team is flexible and very willing to give support. Manager Duurzame Ontwikkeling

Techniek, Bouw en Infra,

We, Rojo Steigerbouw B.V, are the first scaffolding company in the construction industry that is certified at Level 3 of the CO₂ Performance Ladder since June 2015. We thought we knew quite something about CO₂ but after consulting Leo Smit of SmartTrackers our knowledge level turned out to be minimal. Leo is highly educated and well-experienced in this area

Angelique van der Leeden

Personeelszaken & projectadministratie, Rojo Steigerbouw B.V.

Advanced training

Advanced Training SmartTrackers

Date and time: Tuesday 19 September 2017, 9:30 to 17:00.
Location: Kraaybeekerhof, Driebergen.
Price: € 289, – lunch included
Teacher: Leo Smit
Maximum group size: 8 persons.

On September 19th, we have planned our next training for advanced users of our CO₂ / CSR application. Emphasis is on the CO₂ Management section of the SmartTrackers application, energy management and our 10-step plan, which is a solid starting point for the steering cycle as it is assumed within the CO₂ Performance Ladder

We have allocated time during the training for questions such as; scope 3, supply chain analysis, energy management and a cost calculation of an energy saving case study. More questions and topic suggestions can be emailed to us before the training

The training is in Dutch. If you are interested in a SmartTrackers user training in English or you would like more information please contact Leo Smit, telephone number 0031-6-51372712.

Linkedin Leo Smit, Smart Trackers

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