Visma Group connects dozens of companies onto SmartTrackers

In a matter of only a few weeks, the sustainability team from Visma Group has onboarded tens of Visma companies onto the SmartTrackers software. With this, the Norwegian multinational is taking its next step to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals further into its business operations.

Visma is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and uses SmartTrackers to measure and continuously improve the group’s impact.

Stina Wahlsten, sustainability manager at Visma Group: “Smarttrackers enables us to get a clear view of our sustainability data down to a granular level and is a key tool for us in both setting, and working towards, our sustainability goals.

Companies in the Benelux, Scandinavia and Latin America, including Nmbrs, Visma Raet and Temponizer, get a grip on topics such as CO2 emissions, equality and inclusion, and the extent to which codes of conduct are implemented at suppliers. In addition to the annual reports on this at group level, the companies now have pragmatic tools at their disposal to continue working on sustainability.