Visma’s CSRD journey

Visma is proactively preparing for the CSRD compliance, utilising SmartTrackers’ sustainability software for efficient reporting. The crucial aspect of this entire process is ensuring that everyone in the company who needs to be involved is on board, collaborating as a unified team. Before the CSRD really arrives, the focus is on finding the answer to the question: how are we going to do it?

What does that mean for Visma and the Visma companies?

The first step is to do a double materiality analysis to see if a sustainability matter is significant from either an impact or environmental perspective, a financial perspective, or both. This determines what is needed to report on. For Visma, a double materiality analysis has already been done. They now know which areas need more time and research to understand what data and information is needed. Visma’s internal company structure can be a bit of a puzzle, since they consist of 170 companies . It’s not just about Visma as a big picture being compliant, it affects all Visma Companies. In order for all of Visma to be compliant, each Visma company has to report on their sustainability efforts too, because working together as a team is key to successful CSRD reporting

SmartTrackers’ comprehensible reports and clear data

SmartTrackers’ software gives Visma the software needed to collect, report, and handle all crucial data in a centralised, easily accessible tool. The software supports Visma in setting targets, providing a clear overview, and enhancing their understanding of the data. It’s user-friendly, catering not only to the broader Visma perspective but also offering a comprehensive look at the individual Visma companies that are now on board with the software.

Empower your sustainability journey with SmartTrackers

Visma’s use of SmartTrackers sustainability software enables them to get ready for the CSRD compliance. Your company can achieve similar success. To explore how and get to know how we can help you, request a demo by clicking the button below

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