Yuki integrates sustainability into accounting software and makes mandatory reporting accessible to SMEs, with help of SmartTrackers

Yuki, an accounting platform for accountancy firms and companies, gives all its customers an automatic indication of their carbon footprint, based on financial data. Yuki is the first accounting software that automatically brings finance and sustainability together. SmartTrackers supports Yuki with calculations and technical integration. Yuki and SmartTrackers are both companies within Visma.

Getting started with sustainability even when capacity is limited

The monitor is especially intended for SMEs and their accountancy firms. Small businesses face a growing reporting obligation, but do not always have the capacity and expertise to deal with this effectively.

By automatically giving an initial indication of CO2 emissions, an important first step is taken in raising awareness of the impact of business activities on the environment. Entrepreneurs not only have a basis for requested reports, but can also focus more specifically on measures that reduce emissions and strengthen business operations. Accountancy firms could assist in this if desired.

Pioneer in sustainable accounting

The Sustainability Monitor is available to all Yuki customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. The functionality will be further optimized and expanded in the future. With this, Yuki fulfills its strategy to act as a pioneer in the field of sustainability accounting.

For more detailed footprints and support for the entire sustainability program, Yuki users can turn to the SmartTrackers software platform.

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