SmartTrackers introduces ‘Single Sign-On’ to facilitate logging into multiple applications

SmartTrackers makes Visma Connect available to all users.

With this ‘Single Sign-On’ authentication service, it is possible to gain access to multiple platforms, such as SmartTrackers, other Visma products, Google or Microsoft accounts, via a single login procedure. In this way, users do not have to re-enter their password every time.

Visma Connect

Visma Connect is a standardized solution for logging in. In addition to the ‘Single Sign-On’, it offers options for extensive 2-factor authentication and login without a password but with biometric devices or special keychains. It goes without saying that Visma Connect is based on the highest security standards.

The introduction of Visma Connect only affects the login method. The SmartTrackers product remains unchanged.

Gradual roll-out

Users with 2-Factor Authentication have already switched. Now also users who do not yet use 2-Factor Authentication can migrate to the Visma Connect login procedure. In time, this procedure will become the only log-in procedure for all users.

Would you like to use the Single Sign-On too?

1.     Log in in the usual way

2.     Go to user setting (top right in the menu)

3.     Press the button ‘Migrate now’ at Visma Connect Connection’.


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