Packaging industry kicks off with ambitious program to reduce industry emissions

Branch organization Kartoflex has launched an ambitious program to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. Kartoflex represents a significant share of the packaging industry with companies in food packaging, paper handling and cardboard, among other activities.

Participating organizations register, calculate, report and manage their CO2-reduction using professional software and under the expert guidance of SmartTrackers.

During the first workshop, it became clear that participants use CO2-reduction as an opportunity to become even more competitive:

Eric Hisken, Finance Director at IG Design Group, who has been using SmartTrackers for some time already:

SmartTrackers made us realize that one roll of gift wrap causes up to three times its weight in CO2 emissions. We have now patented a foilless gift wrap roll. Lower cost price, lower energy consumption and less waste: sustainability makes us more competitive.