Our story


After the introduction of the Dutch CO2 Performance Ladder, building companies all over the Netherlands start to chart their CO2 emissions. But what is the smartest and most reliable way to do this?


Engineer Leo Smit introduces CO2 Management: an online CO2 control system that companies can use to assess, manage and cut back their CO2 emissions in a focused, clear and efficient way.


An increasing number of companies find that CO2 Management is an excellent alternative to the expensive and complicated software they used before, and especially to classic spreadsheet applications, such as Excel.


CO2Management enters into a strategic partnership with the Climate Neutral Group (CNG). Customers of CNG are given access to SmartTrackers and use it thankfully to gain more insight into their CO2 footprint.


CO2 Management becomes market leader and is developed further. Our developers collectively dedicate over 10.000 hours every year to the further improvement and expansion of the application. Besides the CO2 Performance Ladder, companies can now use CO2 Management for a wide range of standards.


logo co2logicCO2 Management starts collaborating with the international sustainability consultants of CO2logic, established in Brussels. Several partners of CO2logic start using SmartTrackers, including the Flemish Parliament.


Because the application offers significantly more options than just CO2 Management, it is renamed SmartTrackers. This new name does more justice to what the application has become: the best and most complete system for all sustainability, safety and CO2 measurements.


SmartTrackers founds the Club of 49: a unique and hopeful initiative for all Dutch companies that, with our assistance, want to reduce their CO2 footprint by 49% in 2030. Members meet up several times a year to share information and best practices.


smarttrackers assessmentsSmartTrackers presents SmartTrackers Assessments: a new solution to the many assessments that organizations are required to meet. Using this smart tool, organizations can easily do self-assessments, conduct internal audits and have their assessments tested externally. Three birds with one stone; this functionality is so far not being offered by any other application. Read more