Sustainable Development Goals and ESG reporting

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals that all members of the United Nations have committed to, with the aim of achieving and preserving peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

ESG stands for ‘environmental, social and governance’. Investors and consumers increasingly demand transparency from organizations on their ESG scores and how they contribute to the SDGs.

SmartTrackers makes SDG and ESG score tangible

A powerful management system

Receive a clear overview of your scores, identify improvement potential, actively manage initiatives to improve and report on progress.

Suitable for all non-financial KPIs

Define your indicators yourself, or use our extensive library of non-financial KPIs, ranging from emissions to labor safety, from gender equality to privacy & security.

Collaborate with suppliers

Clearly assess whether suppliers meet your quality criteria and work together on initiatives to improve.

More about SDG and ESG

SDGs and ESGs encompass non-financial themes to assess the impact of organizational operations on environment, people and society.

ESG is incorporated in many standards

Although the terms ESG and SDG have become commonplace, there is no one way companies measure or report on them. Various standards, laws and regulations do process the components in their operationalizations. Examples are the CSRD, International Sustainability Standards and sustainabile procurement norms.


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SmartTrackers quickly follows-up on regulatory changes with updated or new functionalities in the software.

Royal Reesink

Smarttrackers enables us to get a clear view of our sustainability data down to a granular level and is a key tool for us in both setting, and working towards, our sustainability goals.