User training 10 December 2019

“A fun and instructive training. SmartTrackers offers so many possibilities.”

Jouke Roelfzema
Climate Neutral Group

“It’s a varied training, because it alternates between practical skills and useful background information on sustainability.”

Fendi Haidar
Havenbedrijf Amsterdam

Tuesday 10 December 2019, 10.00-16.30 hours
Zalencentrum Amershof, Snouckaertlaan 11, Amersfoort route
€ 289 ex VAT including lunch
Trainer: Leo Smit
Maximum group size: 6 persons

Do you want to make better use of SmartTrackers and save a lot of time? And would you like to get acquainted with a fresh, down-to-earth view of energy consumption and CO2? Then follow our user training on 10 December 2019!

Quickly reach your targets

In this interesting and varied day-long training you will learn the tricks of CO2-management. Which innovations are currently interesting for your industry? What works, what does not? And how do you achieve more results, using simple, creative solutions?

Smarter use of SmartTrackers

CO2 specialist Leo Smit will tell you all about CO2-reduction and how SmartTrackers can help you achieve it. Practice on your own laptop in our demo-environment, or in your own administration, and learn to deftly apply the many options SmartTrackers has to offer.

  • Lively and varied program
  • Suitable for both starting and advanced users
  • Lots of personal attention (maximum of 6 participants)
  • Including lunch and brief walk during the break

TIP If you have not yet gone through our Ten-step program for ISO 14001, ISO 50001, Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) or any other certificate, then this training is perfect for you! On completion you will know everything you need to know about the Plan-Do-Check-Act-cycle and you will implement improvements much more effectively.

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Leo Smit

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